Are your allergies preventable? The experts weigh in:

Have you ever wondered if your allergies could be treated and prevented? Most people just accept the fact that they are allergic to something and then resort to medicine to mask the symptoms. Masking the symptoms does NOT fix the problem of your allergies… So is it possible to fix the problem at the source? We asked a few professionals what they think on the issue:

“You can eliminate most of the allergens in your home by a few preventative maintenance actions, such as regularly cleaning your air ducts, properly grooming pets, and deep-cleaning your carpet on a regular basis,” says Tanner Page of the Utah Carpet Cleaners, based in Provo, UT. Keeping allergens out of the home is commonly overlooked. You can’t see the dust particles on your carpet and floating around in the air… but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Taking some preventative action can help keep these harmful sneeze spores out of your body.

Are the foods you are eating contributing to your allergies? It turns out, more people are discovering a gluten intolerance after being tested for Celiac’s disease. This could be a result of an increase in processed food consumption and foods modified with GMOs and growth hormones.

It can be beneficial to cut gluten from your diet even if you don’t have Celiacs. Doctors have done studies and found that people are losing weight and feeling healthier after adapting to a gluten-free diet. Who knows, those “hay fever” allergies you always get might actually be coming from the food you are eating.

Ever thought about what happens to your body while you sleep? A scary thought that occurs more often than we’d like to admit: People get bit by bugs in their sleep. This includes bed bugs, spiders, mosquitoes, etc. You can prevent these little guys from entering your home by making a conscious effort to close doors and windows that don’t have screens installed. If pests are becoming a problem, it can be helpful to receive a professional pest extermination treatment.

“We recommend that you treat your home for pests at least once a year. Insects are persistent- If you don’t regularly take care of them, they will multiply and get out of hand faster than you can spell the word pesticide,” says a Tucson Exterminating spokesperson.

What other problems could be causing your allergies?

Going in to your doctor to be tested for allergies can help you identify problems so you can fix them. Sometimes it is as simple as changing the brand of your laundry detergent or fabric softener. If you start to identify patterns in reactions and discomfort, it might be an issue that can be fixed at the source. If a room is flooding, you don’t waterproof your furniture, you fix the broken pipe. The same analogy can be applied to treating your allergies at the source rather than masking the symptoms.

Overall, as new technology is rising and new studies are being released, the way we perceive allergies is continuously changing. There are allergic reactions to things that can be fixed, whereas 20 or 30 years ago we would have dismissed it as incurable.

If you think you are suffering from allergies, take a minute and do some preventative actions to mitigate the problem at the source. If symptoms continue to last, don’t hesitate to see your doctor and learn about how you can heal your allergies.




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